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14-Year-Old California Girl Attacked by Friend’s Dog

When a 14-year-old girl went over to a friend’s house, everyone thought she’d spend the evening talking about crushes and eating cookies. No one expected the night to end with her spending the majority of the night at the Children’s Hospital of California receiving treatment for dog bite wounds.

The teen went to a home on Pemberton Street near 57th to play with some other children she knew. At about 11:20 that night, the family dog, a bulldog, attacked her, snapping and biting at her face, feet, arms, etc. Luckily, the girl’s friends didn’t panic and had the presence of mind to contact 9-1-1. The dog wasn’t any calmer when police arrived on the scene. It lunged at the officers, forcing them to shoot the animal. As of right now, it’s unknown if the girl had ever spent time at her friend’s house before, or if this was the first time the bulldog and girl met.

Attorney Drew Warren was horrified by the news. “I like dogs and normally have no reservations about dealing with one, but after hearing a story like this … it makes one stop and wonder if an animal is really as gentle and loving as they first appear.”

The bitten teen spent the night at the hospital in the serious care ward where her dog bite wounds were treated. As of yet, there’s no report about whether or not her family intends to file a personal injury claim against the owners of the bulldog.

Warren expects she will. “Once she’s home and healthy, she and her parents will need to review both the long and short term impact the incident is having on them. Not only will they have to deal with any medical bills that aren’t covered by the family insurance policy, but there is also the matter of helping the girl deal with any fear of dogs she’s likely to develop after such a brutal attack.”

Filing a personal injury lawyer claim after being bit by a dog does more than simply help the victim recoup their financial losses, it also serves as a reminder to everyone who reads about the dog bite case and has dog, that they need to be responsible pet parents. Not only does this mean keeping the dog on a leash or in a fenced in yard whenever it’s not in the house, it also means knowing how your dog reacts to other people and taking the steps to make sure your dog never does anything to hurt someone else, such as biting them.

It’s important to understand that this California dog biting case isn’t an isolated incident. Similar things are happening around the world. Merritt Clifton took the time to compile dog bite stats from both the United States and Canada. The data collected spanned from to 1982-2014. The results indicate that 86% of all dog attacks result in bodily harm and that children are involved in 81% of the attacks. On the average, a person who has been attacked by a dog will accumulate $18,200 worth of medical bills.