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Man Suffers Wrongful Death After Hollywood Park Stabbing

JS95591170Tragedy struck Hollywood Beach when A man was fatally stabbed during a fight that took place in Charnow Park. Police were called to the scene early in the evening at about 5:30 p.m. By the time they reached the scene, the victim had suffered multiple stab wounds to abdomen and was bleeding badly. When questioned, witnesses were quick to tell the police that the injured man was involved in a fight. Officers were told that the second man had fled the scene on a bicycle.

The responding officers explored the area. When they neared Grant Street and North Ocean Drive, they discovered a man who matched the witness descriptions riding his bike. When they stopped the cyclist, they discovered he had a knife which he eventually admitted to using in the stabbing.

Despite the best efforts of both the Hollywood Fire Rescue crew and the medical staff at Memorial Regional Hospital, the victim succumbed to his injuries. Martin has been charged with a single count of premeditated murder.

“This is terribly tragic event. This is the type of instances that convinced me to become a personal injury lawyer,” Joe and Martin managing partner of a top personal injury firm with an office headquartered in South Carolina said when he was informed of the case. “I feel so badly for the family and want them to know that they have the grounds to pursue a wrongful death case against Martin.”

Most people assume that personal injury lawyers only deal with cases that involve things like slip and fall instances, dog bites, and medical malpractice claims. Few realize that the same attorney can also handle a wrongful death case.


According to the law, a wrongful death is a death that only occurred as a direct result of someone else’s actions. Murder is a death that would not have happened if someone hadn’t picked up a knife and made the decision to use it. While it’s true that the wrongful death case won’t restore a loved one to life, family members report that going through the legal process and seeking a wrongful death settlement helped them through the grieving process. Not only did it provide theme with something to occupy their minds, but it also made them feel better to be proactive about making sure that the person responsible for the wrongful death wouldn’t think twice about doing the same thing that has already resulted in one death.

1619232-911530688876555-5402743424754249870-n-300x200It’s true that a wrongful death attorney such as Joe and Martin doesn’t have the power to restore your loved one to life, but they do have the ability to use the justice system to ensure that the person responsible for your loved one’s wrongful death fully understands the ramifications of their actions.

In conclusion it doesn’t pay up to be on a wrong side of a law, and be in danger of been sentenced to a life in prison for your wrong decisions.